Pay Per Use Services

A) Digital Reach

PR Online Reach (Basic): Offer a wide exposure to your press release and connect with a large audience both in the domestic and international space by getting it published in 100+ general media, websites, online media, and news portals.

PR Online Reach (Premium): Avail all the benefits of basic PR online reach along with getting a show page with your story published. Leverage the advantages of assured visibility up to 15 days with a link to your website and other content viz. videos, images, etc. With the premium package, get visibility with your PR story at leading news agencies.

B) Strategic PR Campaigns

City-Centric PR Campaigns: Gain city-specific visibility for your brand with a compelling message delivered through city-centric PR campaigns targeting both print and online media.

Key Markets – Advance PR Campaigns: Have your target audience scattered in major metro cities? We have got you covered with our target PR campaigns for major metro cities i.e. Mumbai and New Delhi.

Nation Wide PR Campaigns: We hold an immense experience of creating and executing a successful nation-wide PR campaign that targets the print and online media of the whole of India.

C) Trade Media Reach (B2B)

Trade Media Outreach – Basic: We drive out-of-the-box PR and content marketing strategies and empower the players of the B2B domain to reach an influential audience via trade magazine.

Trade Media Outreach – Premium: We help the players of B2B domain strategize and execute effective PR campaigns to reach an influential audience via trade magazine, thereby, helping them achieve their desired result.

D) Customer and Partner Video Stories

Customer Testimonial – Basic: Boost the credibility of your brand with an authentic video testimonial from one of your customers.

Customer Testimonial – Premium: We help you document the testimonials from your multiple customers in the form of a video to be circulated among prospect clients for increased business, brand awareness and credibility..

Story-Telling Video: Our video production team efficiently captures the challenges faced by the users and highlights the way your offering(s) helped in eliminating all those hurdles. We endeavor to establish the need for your brand by developing a success story.

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