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TimesJobs Launches Times Academy of HR Excellence (TAHE) to Enhance Smarter Networking for HR Professionals Jan-2018

The new web-based platform aims to be the biggest and most credible, peer-to-peer learning and networking platform for HR professionals, students and influencers New Delhi, January 15, 2017: The economy and industrial segments are undergoing the fourth revolution – and this one is led by technology. In simple terms, it means that all known processes and tasks are being redefined, mostly due to technical intervention and digital interpretation of functions. With the work world undergoing so much transformation, its custodian – the human resources function too is undergoing a rapid metamorphosis. The HR professional required in today’s world should be a tech savvy individual with an industry-wide know how and global outlook. Since most industries change HR plans in accordance with their business scenarios, the HR personal should be armed with analytical skills and business-linked thinking to take critical decisions based on data available. Sensing this rapid change in the HR role, TimesJobs – India’s largest recruitment site – announced the launch of a learning and networking platform for HR professionals who want to take a career leap in the coming times. Aptly named, the Times Academy of HR Excellence (TAHE), this website-based platform aims to be the next-generation social networking and online community of HR professionals and students. Announcing the launch of TAHE, Ramathreya Krishnamurthi, Business Head - TimesJobs & TechGig explained, “In today’s tech savvy world, professionals who have an apt knowledge of digital tools and a sense of aligning these with the given goals, win hands down. While IT/ITeS and other industries adopted these transformations very early on, the HR function is catching up on these now. I strongly believe that Times Academy of HR Excellence (TAHE) will provide ace peer-to-peer networking and professional learning opportunities to Indian HR professionals and make them well rounded human resources leaders of tomorrow”. The TAHE website (hyperlink is free for registration to all. The HR professionals and students can easily register on the site by submitting their basic details or by using their social handles. TAHE aims to ease and facilitate the knowledge sharing between HR professionals at all levels. This website aims to be the definitive professional connect among human resource professionals, students and influencers. Its ecosystem curates interesting articles, thought-provoking discussions and engagement opportunities aimed to enhance the skills of its users. TimesJobs month-on-month hiring report RecruiteX recently reported that in December 2017, human resources professionals were most in-demand (in given month) with 5% spike in talent demand as compared to November 2017. This indicates that companies are hiring aggressively for the HR roles, but are these professionals ready to deal with different generations of workforce with multifarious demands from employers and organisations? Hence the need to be updated with the latest trends, discussions and community sharing of domain knowledge. Times Academy of HR Excellence (TAHE) presents all these opportunities, that too on one platform. It is also an opportunity to participate aggressively in domain-centric community interactions and learn and share with the best in the HR fraternity.

Year end on a positive note, India Inc optimistic about hiring in 2018: TimesJobs RecruiteX Jan-2018

January 9, 2018, New Delhi: With the New Year cheer and celebrations all around, India’s job market too is hopeful for an upswing in 2018 as the quarter ending December 2017 recorded an average 1% rise in talent demand. Compared to last year (between Oct-Dec 2016 the hiring outlook saw negative momentum) this is a certain hint that the overall market is headed for better times, and hiring activities will pick up pace gradually in the new year. RecruiteX – a hiring trend report by recruitment portal TimesJobs - noted that although overall job market saw a drop of 3% in December 2017, the Oct-Dec 2017 period posted a 1% rise in talent demand. Among key functional areas, a rise of nearly 6% was seen in demand for medical professionals, during December 2017. Industry-wise analysis: Accounting and tax sector registered 19% rise The accounting and tax sector in India registered 19% rise in hiring in December 2017, followed by 12% rise in talent demand from legal and law sector. Recruitment sector saw a 4% rise in talent demand. “Hiring was a little low in December 2017 as most HR and recruitment managers were busy drafting fresh strategies for 2018. Overall, the last three months (Oct-Dec 2017) saw positive hiring momentum, across most key industries and functional areas. We can expect an aggressive talent demand in 2018 when organisations start working on fresh strategies, which involves new projects, reconsolidation, etc. Our economy is growing at a reasonable pace and news reports suggest that in the coming years around 600 million people will be deployed in new job roles that do not exist today. Exponential technologies in advanced markets are expected to improve productivity in the next five years”, said Ramathreya Krishnamurthi, Business Head, TimesJobs & TechGig. Functional area analysis: Doctors and medical professionals in demand Doctors and medical professionals saw highest rise of 6% demand in December 2017, followed by human resource professionals which witnessed a 5% rise in talent demand. Business management, consultants, freelancers witnessed 5% rise in demand on month-on-month analysis. Location-wise analysis: Lucknow records the highest demand Among key locations, Lucknow recorded the highest rise in talent demand of 13% as per the latest RecruiteX report. Chandigarh and Ahmedabad saw a hike of 11% and 5% respectively in the talent demand. Among states, RecruiteX recorded a growth of 17% in Uttar Pradesh, followed by Gujarat being 15%. Experience-wise analysis: Professionals with over 20 years of experience in demand Hiring for professionals with over 20 years of experience witnessed the highest rise in demand during December 2017. Candidates with over 20 years of experience reported 8% rise in demand. Professionals with 2-5 years and 5-10 years of experience posted 4% drop in demand. Key highlights of the report are: • Top hiring sectors  Accounting & tax  Legal & law  Recruitment • Top hiring locations  Lucknow  Chandigarh  Ahmedabad • Top hiring profiles  Doctors, nurses & medical professional  Human resources  Business management, consultants, freelancers

Despite layoffs, over 60% IT workers get jobs within 6 months: TechGig Survey Dec-2017

Massive job cuts in the IT sector have made for troubling news since a long time. A heartening note is that most of the IT workers, who face the axe, get a job soon enough! TechGig’s exclusive survey reveals this fact, and many more related to the fate of laid off IT employees. Read on… December 13, 2017, New Delhi: Layoffs are a harsh reality of an inter-connected world, volatile economic situations and business scenarios have an equal and daunting impact on all the stakeholders. An apt example being the last US election, where even before a clear winner was announced, many companies put off their hiring plans, or increased hiring in a particular locale. This is a grim reality, but the overall picture isn’t as dull. An exclusive survey by IT hiring platform TechGig reveals that over 60% of laid off IT workers get jobs within next 6 months! This is certainly a reason to cheer because IT, which is considered to be the country's largest employer giving as many as 40 lakh jobs directly, has witnessed massive downsizing recently. TechGig’s exclusive survey recorded inputs of over of more than 2 lakh IT professionals from the top metro cities across India. Here, about 68% respondents claimed to personally know people who were asked to leave their respective organisations. “IT and ITeS segments are one of the biggest employers in India. Hence what happens there in terms of employability or business will impact a large base, directly or indirectly. Volatile business scenarios did push IT sector under a brink for some time, but its heart-warming to note that the laid off IT workers can find employment soon enough. That is an encouraging note for the IT professionals and hiring industry,” said Ramathreya Krishnamurthi, Business Head, TimesJobs and TechGig. The survey report also uncovers some interesting facts pertaining to IT layoffs. When it comes to layoffs, there is a perception that employees who draw large salaries are more prone to be shunted out. These are generally senior-level professionals. It is believed that the junior-level and mid-level professionals are more inclined towards learning new skills and therefore keep themselves updated. The survey also revealed that 54% who were asked to leave were people with more than five years of experience, while just 1% of them said that freshers with less than one year of experience were asked to leave their jobs. Dipti Tandon, Vice President, Strategy at Times Internet Limited & Head of Product and Technology at TechGig shared another interesting takeaway from the report. “Many people believe that the adoption of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and automation is the chief root cause of layoffs. Our survey, reveals that a whopping 33% respondents feel that cost-cutting is the major reason for downsizing. Generally, when companies are not sure about their overseas businesses, they start cost cutting at their end. Around 50 % of the respondents considered all the three factors – the rise of automation and AI, a freeze on hiring Indians abroad and cost-cutting – for job losses.” This complete report is available at TECHGIG IT LAYOFF SURVEY

Avalara launches GST Compliance Partnership Program for ERP publishers and tax practitioners Dec-2017

Published On: 2017-12-11Avalara, Inc., a leading provider of cloud-based tax compliance automation for businesses, and an Application Service Provider (ASP) has launched GST Compliance Partnership Program for ERP publishers, tax professionals, and entrepreneurs. The program allows partner companies to offer Avalara’s TrustFile GST compliance solution to their customers to help businesses manage the new and complex GST compliance requirements within existing business and financial systems.One of Avalara’s partners, speaking on the occasion, Tushar Kadam, Sales Director, abas Force (India) Pvt. Ltd., a Mumbai-based ERP provider with global customers and operations and 35 years of experience delivering flexible ERP solutions for mid-sized businesses aspiring to be leaders in their industries said, “Avalara’s solutions helped abas India enable our customers to easily and affordably manage their GST data reconciliation and return filing obligations. Avalara’s flexible file import capability reduces the time and effort new customers require to integrate with our solutions. Because of Avalara’s support as a partner, abas India team can address all customer concerns regarding GST with ease. “Partners need to sign up a simple form on Avalara site to enroll either as a Development & Solution Partner (DSP), Marketing & Sales Partner (MSP) or Accounting & Consulting Partner (ACP). Once enrolled in the program, DSPs along with Avalara team develops the integration between their system and Avalara TrustFile GST solution for seamless data transmission. This helps the customer extract its invoice data directly from their ERP to their TrustFile GST dashboard. MSP is purely a referral partnership arrangement.Key to the program is Avalara’s multi-faceted integration strategy. “Our extensive network of both partner-created and internally-authored connectors, “ enables us to deliver solutions through systems our customers already use,” says William Rau, Senior Director for Avalara, Inc., “and through the GST Compliance Partnership Program we are actively creating new connectors and expanding existing integrations to support India GST data collection. This allows businesses to have a tax solution built into their existing financial and business technologies that is designed to improve efficiency and accuracy in their compliance management.”Avalara’s partners also benefit from a variety of other tools to support sales, marketing, and training efforts, including but not limited to: Access to Avalara’s partner portal with an interactive dashboard for lead follow up Tax training webinars & events Avalara’s partner programs are designed to make tax compliance technologies more accessible to businesses of all sizes and help our partners grow.About Avalara-www.avalara.comAvalara's customers face demanding tax obligations imposed by local, regional, state, and national taxing authorities around the world, and rely on Avalara to provide solutions designed to improve efficiency and accuracy to manage those requirements. In partnership with leading ERP, accounting, eCommerce and other financial companies, Avalara delivers its solutions through the systems customers already use to manage business processes. Avalara provides solutions for various transactional taxes, including sales and use, VAT, excise, communications, and other indirect tax types. Each year, Avalara processes billions of tax transactions for customers and users, files more than a million tax returns, and manages millions of tax exemption certificates and other compliance documents.Headquartered in Seattle, Avalara has offices across the U.S. and around the world in the U.K., Belgium, Brazil, and India. More information at

CEBS Worldwide Orients Future-ready Digital Commerce Workforce Dec-2017

- Invests in training and development to provide valuable consulting for business growth. - Sets visionary culture goals for company’s HR. November 17, 2017, NOIDA: CEBS Worldwide, a futuristic technology provider, serving range of Enterprises from Fortune 500 to start-ups, today announced its innovative HR goals. The company sets benchmark for its customers to have a differentiated digital user experience, while building and managing its future ready workforce. The 6C’s HR goals viz; Competent, Capable, Compatible, Commitment, Character, and Culture, which has been the culture at the organization is being strengthened for both the existing and the prospective workforce. Prioritizing and adopting a partnership mindset to offer customers with new value, CEBS Worldwide leverages advanced data sciences, to derive deeper customer insights. The organizational talent is involved in catering to a wide service portfolio including Enterprise Marketing Management, Customer Experience Management, Omni Channel E-Commerce solution, Distributed Order Management solutions, Supplier Integration and Management solution, Cross-Channel Campaign Management, Customer Awareness/Analytics, Social Analytics, Supply Chain Optimization, Logistics Management/Reverse Logistics, and offering superior Brand Experience to customers. The company recently has also achieved full smarter commerce capability certification by IBM. Speaking on the occasion, Satish Swaroop, President, CEBS Worldwide says, “The journey of the workforce at CEBS is quite progressive. Our processes enable our teams with opportunities to perform at technical, functional, operational and at managerial levels. We are delighted to have initiated the 6C’s future ready HR programme. With our latest comprehensive training and exposure, CEBS sets recognition and rewards for both the experienced and the new joiners’ to stay driven at all times.” Apart from being customer-focused, CEBS believes, employees play a pivotal role in achieving the organizational goal. The employees’ training sessions are organized regularly, along with workshops that impart technical knowledge. A fine balance of work and fun at CEBS, aims to boost productivity, highlight performances and builds team work. As part of an ongoing process, CEBS HR is on a continuous lookout for employees with leadership potential who may be rightly nurtured for higher roles within the organization. Resilience, Negotiation skills, Self-awareness, Systematic thought processes, Communications and Conflict resolution are some of the identified qualities and values, CEBS is imparting regular training to its staff. Comprehensively, CEBS is aiming to develop future leaders who could further optimize the current processes and come up with more reliable tactics and solutions. While sharing views on the training programs and work experience, XXXXX XXXX Please Insert name, Team Leader at CEBS, says, “I have been working with CEBS Worldwide for over six years now. The journey has been amazing, with ongoing mentorship programs. The organization has built a supportive environment to groom the teams through its online and offline training models. With an overall work-life balance, CEBS also has a challenging work environment. The experience we offer in our office events and activities, are invariably based on new and advanced technologies for user-based experiential learning. This keeps the teams really excited at all times.” CEBS efficiently takes care of both its customers and employees. The customers are extended a helping hand with a plethora of effective solutions for business growth. CEBS Worldwide, a prominent name in the international IT industry is known to offer professional solutions to strengthen the business processes for digital commerce. About CEBS Worldwide – CEBS provides effective and flexible technology and business solutions that meet the demands of start-ups to Fortune 500 companies. CEBS is a global IT product and services company dedicated to providing E-Business solutions to worldwide customers in many verticals like Retail, BFSI, Airlines, Manufacturing, Telecom, and Government. Started over a decade ago, with experienced Software Architects, Business Analysts, and IT Consultants, CEBS Worldwide has seen many challenging projects and achieved tremendous success. It offers solutions and services in the area of Software Product Engineering, Omni-Channel Commerce, Customer Experience Management, Digital Analytics, B2B Integration, Marketing Campaign Automation and Personalization, Enterprise Mobility Solutions, Enterprise Content Management and many more. CEBS has a global presence across various continents, with offices in US, Australia, UK, UAE, Singapore, South Korea, Turkey, and India. For more information, please contact – S. Kamal +91-9643- 407-038| Kriti Dhawan +91-9999341060 |

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