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Empowering Indian MSMEs through various programs led by CXOs, Industry Leaders & Experts

Empower Your Business

MVW-MSME Development Centre, a division of MVW Network International Pvt ltd is a professional organization that aims to help Business Owners and Entrepreneurs transform their business and overcome challenges by providing right opportunities leading to Accelerated Growth.

We understand every business is unique specific solutions to build a great business. Thus, we connect yoy with curated business experts for live Mentoring, Consulting and Hand-Holding Support. They bring in years for experience and knowledge for scaling business and implementing best practices for sustainable growth.

Our Objectives

  • The primary mission of the Development Centre is to enable Innovation, Adopt Global Best Practices, Accelerate Skill Development, and Boost Overall Business Efficiency to become Globally Competitive and Investment-Ready
  • The Development Centre shall undertake strategic initiatives to inform, consult, mentor, and provide timely assistance for the growth of its subscribers
  • The Development Centre works in line with the vision of GOI to support Indian MSMEs by the intervention of Subject Matter Experts towards Ease of Doing Business
  • The Development Centre is backed by industry leaders and professionals from different industries, thereby being able to cater to the varied needs of an MSME regarding production, finance, supply-chain, joint venture, mergers, raising capital, etc.


  • 1-on-1 Mentorship to Accelerate Growth
  • 1-on-1 Consulting for Scaling Business
  • Hire Right Interns from top B-Schools
  • Business Transformation MasterClasses
  • Opportunities to Raise Capital from Domestics or International
  • Customized Services in Line with your Requirement
  • Become Globally Competitive
  • Adapt Global Best Practices
  • Explore Multi-Industries Strategic Business Inputs
  • Leverage Association with MBFI across 28 Indian States
  • Women Entrepreneurial Handholding and Training
  • Communicate and Engage with Media Across All India States
  • Communicate and Engage with Media Across 125 countries
  • Gain Opportunities for Joint-Ventures or Mergers
  • Communicate in over 20 Indian Languages
  • Influence and Communicate with over 10K Indian MSMEs
  • Transfer Knowledge on Newer Technologies for Growth
  • Become a Catalyst in GOI’s Vision in Ease of Doing Business

Why MVW-MSME Development Centre?

India’s growth relies considerably on micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs) that contribute significantly to the GDP. In view of its significance, the Development Centre aims to provide adequate support to ensure Indian MSMEs’ are able to achieve desired growth, especially in this post-pandemic era.

Businesses (big or small) experience business challenges all the same. There are great risks involved and it takes a lot of courage, perseverance as well as patience to reach the top of the ladder.

And to ensure Indian MSMEs’ are able to overcome their specific business challenges, the MVW-MSME Development Centre offerings are backed by business veterans, industry leaders and experts.

As a Business Owners and Entrepreneur, you not only get access to advisory of highest standards, but also shorten you learning curve!